What My Clients Say


The designer really listened to us, and stayed well within budget. He also did a great job incorporating pieces that we already own. Overall, I am very happy with the design!

Andrea Henry - Alabama

I am very happy with the service. Thank you for helping me to envision my new space. I’m excited for the transformation.The work done by the designer was good.

Tiffany Holmes - California

It was such a simple yet detailed experience! It was great to be paired with a designer that really picked up on my style immediately!He did very well

Keith Ruiz - Georgia

He has been the best way for me to make updates to every room in our house! He listens, is patient and gets me! I love the huge range of design products!

Doris Jones - Kansas

 Has been a pleasure to work with. I couldn’t believe how quickly he began our designs and had it completed. he was quick to offer advice and several options when needed.

Margaret Tran - Alabama

 It was easy to work with my designer It was great to be able to visualize the space each step of the way. I can’t wait to order the furniture and see it all come to fruition.

Gary Walker - Minnesota

My designer was great! I was amazed at how well he put a concept and layout together that was exactly what I was thinking just by messages!

Mary Barnett - Nevada

We had a great experience! Our designer was talented and very adaptive to our feedback. We are very pleased with how simple the process was!

Megan Lawrence - Minnesota

I was so happy with my design results and loved my designer Paige. He nailed my design and the process is so easy. Highly recommend!

Carl Adams - California